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    * Livres en Français sur le Bouddhisme Tibétain par Thèmes *


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    by Kamashila

    This text is known as the 300 Wisdom of Perfection and one of the earliest Tibetan translated works.

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    by Khenpo Karthar Rinpoche

    This teaching is on the prajnaparamita, the perfection of knowledge. Even to go through the "Heart Sutra" in its entirety would be impossible in the time we have at our disposal. First of all, I do not understand it and second of all, without enough time, the instruction would be left like a body without a head or feet. However the essence of prajnaparamita is fully explained in one verse which is found at the end of the "Heart Sutra". I will use that verse as the format for explaining prajnaparamita.

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    by Jonathan Silk

    A Critical Edition of the Two Recensions Contained in the Kanjur.

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    by Pandeya, Ram Chandra

    In Sanskrit

    Pramanavarttika is one of the seven celebrated works of the great Buddhist logician Dharmakirti. It consists of four chapters treating respectively of the validity of knowledge, perception, inference for oneself and inference for others according to the version followed in the present work.
    The present volume includes Dharmakirti's basic text together with two commentaries: one, the auto-commentary of the author on the Svarthanumana-pariccheda only which is the first in the traditional order and third in the order followed here, and the other, the Pramanavarttikavrtti by Manorathanandin on all the four chapters.

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  • HEART SUTRA Practices and Instruction for Retreat HEART SUTRA Practices and Instruction for Retreat
    as advised by Lama Zopa Rinpoche

    Practical instructions on how to meditate on emptiness: how the experience of meditating on emptiness should feel, how to avoid mistakes in your meditation, and keys for laying a successful foundation for your practice.

    Also provided are all the necessary materials for completing a Heart Sutra retreat, including root text and sadhana, teachings on the Heart Sutra, and advice on how to integrate your retreat experience into daily life.

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  • UNIVERSAL LOVE: The Yoga Method of Buddha Maitreya UNIVERSAL LOVE: The Yoga Method of Buddha Maitreya
    by Lama Yeshe, ed. by Nick Ribush

    "... when we study Buddhism we're studying ourselves—the nature of our body, speech and mind—the main emphasis being on the nature of our mind and how it works in everyday life. The main topic is not something else, like what is Buddha, what is the nature of God or things like that. Why is it so important to know the nature of our own mind? It's because we all want happiness, enjoyment, peace and satisfaction and these experiences do not come from ice cream but from wisdom and the mind. Therefore we have to understand what the mind is and how it works."

    "...tantra is the right practice for Westerners and of the utmost need in this twentieth century. After all, the Buddha wanted us to have as much perfect pleasure as possible; he certainly didn't want us to be miserable, confused or dissatisfied. Therefore we should understand that we meditate in order to gain profound pleasure, not to beat ourselves up or to experience pain. If entering the Buddhist path brings you nothing but fear and guilt then it's certainly not worth the effort...

    "Maitreya is the manifestation of the love of all the buddhas--the supreme beings who have achieved limitless, universal love. When we practice the yoga method of Buddha Maitreya we unify with the universal love energy that is Maitreya by developing to their ultimate extent the limited qualities of love, compassion and purity that presently lie within us."--Lama Yeshe

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